fioctl targets static-deltas

Generate static deltas to the given target version to make OTAs faster


In many cases OTA updates will have many OSTree changes. These updates can be downloaded significantly faster by generating OSTree static deltas. Static deltas are generated with a “from(sha) -> to(sha)” type logic. This command takes the given Target version and will produce a number of static deltas to ensure devices will be updated efficiently.

fioctl targets static-deltas <target-version> [<from-version>...] [flags]


# There are two ways to run this command:

# Generate static deltas for 30->42 and 31->42
fioctl targets static-deltas 42 30 31

# Find the target versions of all devices configured to the "prod" tag.
# Generate a static delta from those versions to version 42.
fioctl targets static-deltas --by-tag prod 42


    --by-tag string   Find from-versions devices on the given tag
    --dryrun          Only show what deltas would be produced
-h, --help            help for static-deltas
    --hw-id string    Filter from and to targets by the given hardware ID
    --no-tail         Don't tail output of CI Job

Options inherited from parent commands

-c, --config string    config file (default is $HOME/.config/fioctl.yaml)
-f, --factory string   Factory to list targets for
-t, --token string     API token from
-v, --verbose          Print verbose logging