Cloning Container Repository


When your Factory is first created, a single branch (main) is created. We suggest using a devel branch for development. Once changes are tested and approved, migrate them to main.

Clone and enter your containers.git:

git clone -b devel<factory>/containers.git
cd containers

Your containers.git repository is initialized with a simple application example in shellhttpd.disabled.


Directory names ending with .disabled in containers.git are ignored by the FoundriesFactory® CI.

For better understanding, it is best to go through the files in shellhttpd.disabled gradually. Create a new folder with the name shellhttpd:

mkdir shellhttpd

Your containers.git repository should look like this:

├── shellhttpd
└── shellhttpd.disabled
    ├── docker-build.conf
    ├── docker-compose.yml
    ├── Dockerfile