Debugging Your Device

Your device is configured to always download the latest Target version with a specific tag.

By default, devices run all applications defined in the containers.git repo. This behavior can be changed by enabling only specific applications. This will be covered this in more detail later.

To check your device configuration, click on the Factory tab devices and find the column TAGS:


Fig. 16 Device List

You can also use fioctl to read information about your device.

fioctl device show <device-name>
UUID:          a06b0bab-38be-409b-b7f8-f1125231a91e
Owner:         6025791fd93b37d33e03b349
Factory:       <factory>
Up to date:    true
Target:        raspberrypi3-64-lmp-4 / sha256(3abd308ea6d4caffcdf250c7170e0dc9c8ff9082c64538bf14ca07c2df1beeff)
Ostree Hash:   3abd308ea6d4caffcdf250c7170e0dc9c8ff9082c64538bf14ca07c2df1beeff
Created:       2021-04-20T20:54:37+00:00
Last Seen:     2021-04-20T22:42:53+00:00
Tags:          main
Docker Apps:   shellhttpd
Network Info:
        Hostname:  raspberrypi3-64
        MAC:       b8:27:eb:07:42:04
Hardware Info:    (hidden, use --hwinfo)
Aktualizr config: (hidden, use --aktoml)
Active Config:
        Created At:    2021-04-20T20:54:39
        Applied At:    2021-04-20T20:54:39
        Change Reason: Set Wireguard pubkey from fioconfig
                 | enabled=0
                 | pubkey=dy7jqKcyU3HZHG4sMVO77pafa93lGEEe1atS4v0adng=

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

The device is configured to follow the main tag. Based on that, it found and updated to the latest Target with the tag. Because we did not specify what application should run, all apps available in the current Target are automatically loaded. In this case, shellhttpd.

Another way to verify the apps running on a device is with docker ps:

docker ps
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                  COMMAND                  CREATED       STATUS       PORTS                    NAMES
48f467ea2461<factory>/shellhttpd   "/usr/local/bin/http…"   6 hours ago   Up 6 hours>8080/tcp   shellhttpd_httpd_1