Managing Your Subscription


FoundriesFactory® is a DevSecOps platform subscription service. Per month or annual plan choices, both provide access to all FoundriesFactory features and support.

Subscriptions apply per Factory; if you have Factories, you will manage them separately.

Changing Your Plan

From your Factory’s page, navigate to the Plan tab. This will be the option farthest to the right.

user interface plan tab

Factory Upgrade

If you already plan on subscribing, there is an opportunity to do so during Factory creation. You can also upgrade your Factory anytime during the free trial, and will be billed after the trial ends.


Factories are subject to deletion 90 days after a trial or subscription plan has ended.

To continue after the trial has expired, go to your Factory page’s plan tab and click on “Upgrade” under available plans. From here enter the required information:

add billing details for upgrading plan

For using other forms of payment, please contact us.

Payment and Billing

To make changes—such as payment method, credit card, billing address, or autorenewal—you must have an Owner or Accounting role. Changes can be made through the Plan tab.


Taxes may apply based on country/location. Taxes are not included in price.