fioctl targets add

Compose and add Targets to Factory’s TUF targets metadata


Compose new Targets out of the latest Targets tagged with the specified source tag and the specified via the command arguments either OSTree commit hashes or App URIs.

fioctl targets add –type <ostree | app> –tags <comma,separate,list of Target tags> –src-tag <source Target tag> [–targets-creator <something about Targets originator>]
<hardware ID> <ostree commit hash> [<hardware ID> <ostree commit hash>] (for ostree type) <App #1 URI> [App #N URI] (for app type)
fioctl targets add [flags]


Add new ostree Targets:
      fioctl targets add --type ostree --tags dev,test --src-tag dev --targets-creator "custom jenkins ostree build" intel-corei7-64 00b2ad4a1dd7fe1e856a6d607ed492c354a423be22a44bad644092bb275e12fa raspberrypi4-64 5e05a59529dcdd54310945b2628d73c0533097d76cc483334925a901845b3794

Add new App Targets:
      fioctl targets add --type app --tags dev,test --src-tag dev


    --dry-run                  don't post generated new Targets
-h, --help                     help for add
    --quiet                    don't print generated new Targets to stdout
    --src-tag string           OSTree Target tag to base app targets on
    --tags string              comma,separate,list of Target tags
    --targets-creator string   optional name/comment/context about Targets origination (default "fioctl")
    --type string              Target type

Options inherited from parent commands

-c, --config string    config file (default is $HOME/.config/fioctl.yaml)
-f, --factory string   Factory to list targets for
-t, --token string     API token from
-v, --verbose          Print verbose logging