Repo Source Control Tool

This section describes Repo and how the Linux microPlatform uses it. If you’re unfamiliar with Repo, it may make things clearer.

A Linux microPlatform build tree installation contains multiple Git repositories, which are managed by a manifest file in a Repo manifest repository.

The manifest repository’s name is lmp-manifest. It’s a Git repository, just like any of the source code repositories. In Building from Source, repo init is given the URL for the manifest repository.

The manifest repository contains a manifest file, named default.xml. This file describes the other Git repositories in the Linux microPlatform installation, and their metadata. During installation, repo sync is run after repo init. This clones the other repositories according to the contents of the manifest.

Roughly speaking, the manifest file contains:

  • remotes, which specify where Linux microPlatform repositories are hosted.
  • projects, which specify the Git repositories that make up the microPlatform, along with the remotes to fetch them from, and Git branches to check out.