Understanding Development FIO Tags

When Foundries.io adds a patch to a repository with an upstream, we add an FIO tag in the Git shortlog to make the commit easy to see. For example, in Foundries.io U-Boot tree:

[FIO internal] common: foundries.io verified boot utility

The most common used tags through the Foundries.io repositories are:

  • [FIO fromtree]: patches cherry-picked, rather than merged, from upstream
  • [FIO fromlist]: patches submitted to upstream for review, and revisions to them
  • [FIO toup]: patches that want to go upstream, but haven’t yet
  • [FIO temphack]: temporarily patches that keep things working for now, but need a better solution later for upstreaming
  • [FIO extras]: patches pulled in for specific functionality that are useful for subscribers, but not critical
  • [FIO internal]: patches needed by the LmP, not intended for upstream use