Getting Started with Docker

FoundriesFactory gives you the ability to over-the-air update docker-compose applications. This tutorial contains step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Docker and docker-compose applications, including the basic commands and concepts to help you to create your own application.


Estimated Time to Complete this Tutorial: 20 minutes

Learning Objectives

  • Download your containers.git repository.
  • Build your container on your host machine.
  • Run your container on your host machine.
  • Inspect running containers.
  • Structure your applications inside the repository.
  • Run your container using docker-compose.



It’s not a problem if you just created your FoundriesFactory and your first build is still running. This tutorial doesn’t require a device. By the end, your build should be finished and you can follow the instructions to flash and register your device before moving to next tutorials.