Register your deviceΒΆ

Your Linux microPlatform image includes a tool, lmp-device-register that will register your device(s) via the REST API.

  1. From a console on the device run this command to register the device to your factory:
sudo lmp-device-register -n <device-name>


By default devices will run all applications that are defined in the containers.git repository and therefore available in the latest Target. This behavior can be changed by enabling only specific applications. Read Enabling/Disabling Apps to learn how.

  1. You will be prompted by lmp-device-register to complete a challenge with our API

    Example Output:

    Registering device, test, to factory gavin.
    Device UUID: df1295df-ba58-40a0-9239-542ded5ab934
    Visit the link below in your browser to authorize this new device. This link
    will expire in 15 minutes.
      Device Name: df1295ff-ba58-40a0-9239-542bed5ab964
      User code: SQRD-PLBN
      Browser URL:
  2. After completing the previous step, the device is registered and should be visible by navigating to the web interface at, clicking your Factory and selecting the Devices tab.

    Or by using Fioctl:

fioctl devices list