Docker Credential Helper

Fioctl® has a Docker credential helper, providing easier access to This enables the use of Docker commands from a personal computer, such as a laptop.


The credentials will need the “containers:read” scope to work with Docker.

To do this, run:

sudo fioctl configure-docker

This creates a symlink named docker-credential-fio in the directory of the docker client binary, pointing to fioctl.


Because the Docker client is usually somewhere under /usr, you will want to run fioctl configure-docker with root permission.

The helper then updates your Docker config file, which is located under $HOME/.docker.


The helper configures for the current user and not the entire system. If you are logged in as root, then it would be in the root home directory, which you should generally avoid doing.

Now, Docker commands will just work.


docker pull


To run Docker commands without sudo, you will need to gain access to /var/run/docker.sock. You can do this by adding yourself to the Docker group.

You can also run fioctl configure-docker --help for more information and available flags.