Registering Your Device

Your Linux® microPlatform (LmP) image includes the lmp-device-register tool that manages device registration for your device via the™ REST API.

  1. To register a device with your Factory, run the following from the device console:
sudo lmp-device-register -n <device-name> -f <factory>


The parameter -f <factory> is only needed for the first target.

  1. You will be prompted by lmp-device-register to complete a challenge with our API. Follow the instruction prompts:

    Registering device, test, to factory gavin.
    Device UUID: df1295df-ba58-40a0-9239-542ded5ab934
    Visit the link below in your browser to authorize this new device. This link
    will expire in 15 minutes.
      Device Name: df1295ff-ba58-40a0-9239-542bed5ab964
      User code: SQRD-PLBN
      Browser URL:
  2. Your device is now registered and should be visible by navigating to the web interface and selecting the Devices tab for your Factory:

Devices view

Fig. 5 Device List


After registration devices will run all applications that are available in the latest Target. This default behavior can be changed by enabling only specific applications. Read Enabling/Disabling Apps to learn how.

See also

Team Based Factory Access for permissions related to device management.