Configuring Git

Pushing to your repositories with FoundriesFactory® is a matter of configuring Git to use Fioctl™ as a credential helper. Afterwards, Git will know when you are connecting to and will use Fioctl for authentication when utilizing git commands.

Setting Up Git

Run the following command to add the relevant entries to the Git configuration:

sudo fioctl configure-git


This needs to be run as sudo instead of directly as the root user. This is because it needs to have privileges to create a symlink in the same directory as where git is located.


  • If for some reason the command fails with an error, the following manual steps can be taken to get the exact same result:

    git config --global credential. fio-oauth2
    git config --global credential. fio
    ln -s /usr/bin/fioctl /usr/bin/git-credential-fio
  • Existing users reconfiguring Git access may need to remove the following lines from .gitconfig to use fioctl configure-git utility:

    [http ""]
    extraheader = Authorization: basic <TOKEN>
  • If editting scopes on existing tokens, the user should refresh the local fioctl credentials with:

    fioclt login --refresh-access-token

Verify that this has been successful by cloning a repository from your Factory, such as your containers.git repo. Replace <factory> with your Factory’s name:

git clone<factory>/containers.git


You can also use git config --global --list to show the current state of the global Git configuration, where should be referenced along with a username and a helper.