Configuring Git

Pushing to your repositories with FoundriesFactory is as simple as configuring Git on your computer to use Fioctl as a credential helper. Afterwards, Git will know when you are connecting to and it will use Fioctl as the helper to authenticate you when utilizing git commands.

Source Code Access Token

In the right top corner, click on the avatar and select Settings in the drop-down list.


Fig. 8 FoundriesFactory Settings

Select the tab Application Credentials and create a new Application Credential by clicking on + New Credentials. Complete by adding a Description and an Expiration date and select next.

Check the Use for tools like fioctl box and select your Factory. You can later revoke this access and set up a new application credential once you are familiar with the API Access.


Fig. 9 Application credential for source code access


One can also add the source:read-update scope to any existing Application Credential being used already.

Git Setup

Run the following command to add the relevant entries to the Git configuration:

sudo fioctl configure-git


The reason it needs to be run as sudo instead of directly as the root user is because it needs to have privileges to create a symlink in the same directory as where git is located.

Verify that this has been successful by cloning a repository from your Factory, such as your containers.git repo. Replace <factory> with your FoundriesFactory name:

git clone<factory>/containers.git


You can also use git config --global --list to show the current state of the global Git configuration, where should be referenced along with a username and a helper.