Copy the Configuration File using Dockerfile

Create the shellhttpd.conf file in your local container repository in the shellhttpd folder, which holds your Dockerfile:

echo -e 'PORT=8080\nMSG="Hello from the file copied in the Dockerfile"' > shellhttpd/shellhttpd.conf

Verify the shellhttpd.conf file:

cat shellhttpd/shellhttpd.conf

Example Output:

MSG="Hello from the file copied in the Dockerfile"

Edit the Dockerfile to create the shellhttpd folder and copy shellhttpd.conf to it:

gedit shellhttpd/Dockerfile


FROM alpine

RUN mkdir /home/shellhttpd/

COPY shellhttpd.conf /home/shellhttpd/

COPY /usr/local/bin/

CMD ["/usr/local/bin/"]

Commit and push all changes done in the containers folder

git status
git add shellhttpd/shellhttpd.conf
git add shellhttpd/
git add shellhttpd/Dockerfile
git commit -m "Adding config file with Dockerfile"
git push

Wait for your FoundriesFactory CI job to finish and for your device to receive the new target as an over-the-air update:


FoundriesFactory CI Job running

In this example, the build version is 5. To check if your device is already up-to-date, check Devices until you see -5 at the end of the Target name. For example raspberrypi3-64-lmp-5.

When the device is up-to-date, the Status icon will change to green.


Device list

Test the container from an external device connected to the same network (e.g. your host machine: the same computer you use to access your device with ssh).

curl <Device IP>:8080

Example Output:

Hello from the file copied in the Dockerfile