Factory Source Code

The FoundriesFactory provides you with a private git sandbox which allows you to maintain and customize your platform.

Navigate to https://source.foundries.io/factories/<factory>/

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CGit browser

You will find four git repositories, below is a brief description of each one.

This OE layer defines what is included into your factory image. You can add board specific customizations and override, add and remove packages provided in the default Linux microPlatform base.
The repo manifest for the platform build. It defines which layer versions are included in your platform image. The default.xml file is the latest released manifest of our Linux microPlatform, and the <factory>.xml includes your factory changes which allows you to customize your image against our common base.
This is where containers and docker-compose apps are defined. It allows you to define what containers to build, and how to orchestrate them on the platform. By default it will build containers for amd64, aarch64, and armhf architectures.

Defines your platform and container build job to our continuous integration system which uses the data from master branch.

The ci-scripts.git repository prevents a commit changing the lmp:machines: stanza as well as any changes altering the history (force push is disabled). Factories are created to support specific machines. If you need to alter this behavior after starting a FoundriesFactory, please open a support ticket at: http://support.foundries.io/

Triggering Builds

If you push changes to either lmp-manifest.git or meta-subscriber-overrides.git, a new platform build will be triggered, and if successful will deploy the update to any registered devices.

Any changes pushed to containers.git will trigger a container build job, and any containers defined will be pushed to your factory’s private Docker registry at:



Commit messages that include [skip ci] or [ci skip] will not trigger CI builds.