i.MX 6ULL Evaluation Kit with SE050ARD

This document will walk a developer through the steps of installing a FoundriesFactory image with the SE050 hardware enabled onto the NXP imx6ullevk that is connected to the NXP OM-SE050ARD development platform.


An image created in the factory with the SE050 enabled will not boot on boards without the SE050 properly attached.

Attaching the SE050

Using four male to male jumper wires (Arduino Compatible Pin size) connect the two boards as follows:





Connect the signals as follows:

Signal imx6ullevk OM-SE050ARD
SCL J1704 pin 10 J2 pin 10
SDA J1704 pin 9 J2 pin 9
VDD_3V3 J1705 pin 4 J8 pin 4
GND J1704 pin 7 J2 pin 7


The J1704 and J1705 headers are located in the center of the imx6ullevk board (Arduino headers).

Be sure that the jumpers on the SE050 evaluation board are set as follows:


SE050 Jumper Settings

Lastly the connected boards should look like this:


Wire Connections Between Boards

Installing the FoundriesFactory Image

Download the images that have the SE050 enabled from the factory following the instructions in i.MX 6ULL Evaluation Kit.


A reference on the needed changes to enable the SE050 middleware can be found in Enabling SE050.