Updating the Linux microPlatform Core

Your factory platform manifest has been separated to make consuming core platform updates easier. At Foundries.io we release Linux microPlatform updates early and often in an effort to get the latest security fixes out to users.

If you would like to try out the latest, we provide a helper script in your lmp-manifest project called update-factory-manifest.

This script will automatically attempt to update your manifest to the latest version of the Linux microPlatform. If there are merge conflicts, it will be up to you to fix and commit them.

To run the script, run the following command from within your lmp-manifest project:

git clone https://source.foundries.io/factories/<myfactory>/lmp-manifest.git
git clone https://github.com/foundriesio/lmp-tools
cd lmp-manifest/
git checkout <branch to update>

When the new manifest files have been successfully pushed, a new platform build will be triggered, and once published the update can be deployed.

If something goes wrong, don’t fret! This is why we use version control!:

git reset --hard HEAD~1
git push -f