Supported Machines

The Factory Definition (ci-scripts.git) contains a machines: key value pair in the factory-config.yml file. When the value is changed, the next build you perform by pushing to the lmp-manifest.git or meta-subscriber-overrides.git repositories will pass the updated value to Yocto and begin producing targets for the MACHINE you have set.


If you are switching machines and your new machine has a different architecture, you will need to adjust the value of containers.platforms in your factory-config.yml accordingly, otherwise Docker containers will continue to be built for the previous architecture.

Supported Boards
Device Name MACHINE
Arm Corstone-700 MPS3 corstone700-mps3
Arm Corstone-700 FVP corstone700-fvp
Arm Cortex A5 DesignStart a5ds
Arm Neoverse N1 System Development Platform (N1SDP) n1sdp
Intel NUC8 intel-corei7-64
Intel x86-64 UEFI intel-corei7-64
NXP iMX6ULL-EVK imx6ullevk
EA iMX7ULP-UCOM imx7ulpea-ucom
NXP iMX8M-MINILPD4 EVK imx8mmevk
NXP iMX8MQuad EVK imx8mqevk
NXP Solidrun CuBox-i iMX6 cubox-i
NXP Toradex Apalis-iMX6 apalis-imx6
NXP Toradex Apalis-iMX8QM apalis-imx8
NXP Toradex Colibri-iMX7 (Aster) colibri-imx7-emmc
QEMU AARCH64 qemuarm64
QEMU RISCV-64 qemuriscv64
Raspberry Pi3 (32 bit and CM) raspberrypi3
Raspberry Pi3/3B (64 bit) raspberrypi3-64
Raspberry Pi4 raspberrypi4-64
SiFive HiFive Unleashed freedom-u540
TI Beaglebone Black beaglebone-yocto
TI Beaglebone Black Wireless beaglebone-yocto