Docker-Compose App
Also referred to as ‘app’. A folder in containers.git, containing a docker-compose.yml. The name of this folder is the name of your Docker-Compose App. Appending .disabled to the name of the folder will prevent it from being built by the Foundries.io CI/CD. Read Create a Docker-Compose App for more detail.
A file in the ci-scripts.git repository of the Factory which controls all configurable aspects of a Factory. Such as Advanced Tagging, Container Preloading and email alerts.
The Yocto machine name. Only supported if listed in Supported Machines
system image
The OS image produced by the Factory that is flashed to all devices. The build artifact is usually named lmp-factory-image-<hardware-id>.wic.gz
A description of the software a device should run. This description is visible as metadata in targets.json. Includes details such as OSTree Hash and Docker-Compose App URIs, but is arbitrary.
The output of fioctl targets list -r