Linux microPlatform bt-joiner Container

This page provides additional information on the bt-joiner Linux microPlatform container which is provided by This container is used to provide IPv6 connectivity over Bluetooth Low Energy to Zephyr devices.

Whitelist Setup for IoT Gateway

Follow these instructions to set up a 6LoWPAN Bluetooth device whitelist. This lets you configure your gateway device so that it only attempts to connect to a subset of the Bluetooth devices in its vicinity. This can be useful to avoid interfering with other gateways or unrelated devices.


It’s helpful to power off any IoT devices in your area prior to starting.

Enable the whitelist feature

To enable the whitelist, simply enable the whitelist function by modifying the file bluetooth_6lowpand.conf in the gateway-ansible repository. You’ll want to set USE_WL to 1, and add a WL=IOT_DEVICE_MAC_ADDRESS line for each IoT device you wish to whitelist.

Then redeploy the container on your gateway device, e.g. by using the Ansible playbook provided in that repository.

How to Find Devices for the Whitelist

Now that the whitelist is enabled, you can find the beaconing devices by running the following command in the gateway’s console:

sudo hcitool lescan

While leaving this command running, power on the IoT devices you wish to add to the whitelist. You should see an additional line appear as each device is powered on.

The colon-separated list of hexadecimal numbers before each line containing XXX IPSP node is that device’s Bluetooth address. You can add an address as a WL entry in bluetooth_6lowpand.conf to whitelist the device.

For example, to whitelist a device with address D6:E7:D2:E8:6C:9F, add the following line to bluetooth_6lowpand.conf:


Disable the whitelist feature

To turn off the whitelist feature, set USE_WL to 0 in bluetooth_6lowpand.conf, then redeploy the container.