Enabling Application

After creating the file recipe, it is important to install the package to the image.

The meta-subscriber-overrides provides the recipes-samples/images/lmp-factory-image.bb file with the variable CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL.

To install a package to the image file, append this variable with the package name.

For this example, add the shellhttpd and netcat package. Additionally, if you remember from the previous tutorial, the Linux microPlatform does not include curl, this is why we used wget in the device. Let’s include the curl as well.

Edit the recipes-samples/images/lmp-factory-image.bb file and append the variable CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL:

cd ..
gedit recipes-samples/images/lmp-factory-image.bb


SUMMARY = "Minimal factory image which includes OTA Lite, Docker, and OpenSSH support"

require recipes-samples/images/lmp-image-common.inc

# Factory tooling requires SOTA (OSTree + Aktualizr-lite)
require ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'sota', 'recipes-samples/images/lmp-feature-factory.inc', '', d)}

# Enable wayland related recipes if required by DISTRO
require ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'wayland', 'recipes-samples/images/lmp-feature-wayland.inc', '', d)}

# Enable OP-TEE related recipes if provided by the image
require ${@bb.utils.contains('MACHINE_FEATURES', 'optee', 'recipes-samples/images/lmp-feature-optee.inc', '', d)}

require recipes-samples/images/lmp-feature-softhsm.inc
require recipes-samples/images/lmp-feature-wireguard.inc
require recipes-samples/images/lmp-feature-docker.inc
require recipes-samples/images/lmp-feature-wifi.inc
require recipes-samples/images/lmp-feature-ota-utils.inc
require recipes-samples/images/lmp-feature-sbin-path-helper.inc

IMAGE_FEATURES += "ssh-server-openssh"

    packagegroup-core-full-cmdline-utils \
    packagegroup-core-full-cmdline-multiuser \

    kernel-modules \
    networkmanager-nmcli \
    git \
    vim \
    packagegroup-core-full-cmdline-extended \
    ${@bb.utils.contains('LMP_DISABLE_GPLV3', '1', '', '${CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL_GPLV3}', d)} \
    netcat \
    curl \
    shellhttpd \