Cloning Container Repository


When your Factory is first created, 2 branches are established: master and devel. We suggest using the devel branch for development. Once those changes are tested and approved, migrate them to master.

Clone your containers.git repo and enter its directory:

git clone -b devel<factory>/containers.git
cd containers

Your containers.git repository is initialized with a simple application example in shellhttpd.disabled


Directory names ending with .disabled in containers.git are ignored by FoundriesFactory CI.

For better understanding, it is easier to consume the files in shellhttpd.disabled gradually. Create a new folder with the name shellhttpd:

mkdir shellhttpd

Your containers.git repository should look like this:

├── shellhttpd
└── shellhttpd.disabled
    ├── docker-build.conf
    ├── docker-compose.yml
    ├── Dockerfile