Cloning Meta Subscriber Overrides Repository


When your Factory is first created, 2 branches are established for meta-subscriber-overrides: master and devel. We suggest using the devel branch for development. Once those changes are tested and approved, migrate them to master.

Clone your meta-subscriber-overrides.git repo and enter its directory:

git clone -b devel<factory>/meta-subscriber-overrides.git
cd meta-subscriber-overrides

Your meta-subscriber-overrides.git repository is initialized with some files to meet the Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded meta layer standards and facilitate your first customization.

The meta-subscriber-overrides.git repository should look like this:

├── conf
│   ├── layer.conf
│   └── machine
│       └── include
│           └──
└── recipes-samples
    └── images


This tutorial does not cover in detail the Yocto Projec/OpenEmbedded file structure and commands. For more information, see the Yocto Project Documentation