Supported Machines

The Factory Definition (ci-scripts.git) contains a machines: key value pair in the factory-config.yml file. When the value is changed, the next build you perform by pushing to the lmp-manifest.git or meta-subscriber-overrides.git repositories will pass the updated value to the Yocto Project’s tools and begin producing targets for the MACHINE you have set.


If you are switching machines and your new machine has a different architecture, you will need to adjust the value of containers.platforms in your factory-config.yml accordingly, otherwise Docker containers will continue to be built for the previous architecture.

Supported Boards
Device Name MACHINE
Arm Corstone-700 MPS3 corstone700-mps3
Arm Corstone-700 FVP corstone700-fvp
Arm Cortex A5 DesignStart a5ds
Arm Neoverse N1 System Development Platform (N1SDP) n1sdp
Intel NUC8 intel-corei7-64
Intel x86-64 UEFI intel-corei7-64
NXP iMX6ULL-EVK imx6ullevk
EA iMX7ULP-UCOM imx7ulpea-ucom
NXP iMX8M-MINILPD4 EVK imx8mmevk
NXP iMX8MQuad EVK imx8mqevk
NXP Solidrun CuBox-i iMX6 cubox-i
NXP Toradex Apalis-iMX6 apalis-imx6
NXP Toradex Apalis-iMX8QM apalis-imx8
NXP Toradex Colibri-iMX7 (Aster) colibri-imx7-emmc
QEMU AARCH64 qemuarm64
QEMU RISCV-64 qemuriscv64
Raspberry Pi3 (32 bit and CM) raspberrypi3
Raspberry Pi3/3B (64 bit) raspberrypi3-64
Raspberry Pi4 raspberrypi4-64
SiFive HiFive Unleashed freedom-u540
TI AM64x SKEVM am64xx-sk
TI Beaglebone Black beaglebone-yocto
TI Beaglebone Black Wireless beaglebone-yocto