Docker App Store

The Community Factory includes several examples of containers that can be run on a device based on Docker App.


This is a minimal container that runs a web server using bash and netcat. Its useful for quick sanity checks of platform functionality.


Runs the chromium browser inside a container and displays a website.


This docker-app establishes the services needed to enable routing of OpenThread traffic to your standard network. This includes DNS64, CoAP-HTTP proxy, and NAT64 for IPv6->IPv4 traffic translation.


This requires an OpenThread compatible NCP to be configured and installed on your machine.


This docker-app is a minimal installation of kubernetes using Rancher’s k3s. Please refer to additional details for running k3s inside lmp devices.


Requires resources sufficient to run k3s and any additional services it may orchestrate.

How to enable a Docker App

In order to enable a Docker App deployment you first need to configure aktualizr/aktualizr-lite.

As the root user create a file /var/sota/sota.toml with the following contents:

docker_apps = "shellhttpd"

This example enables the shellhttpd docker-app. If you would like to enable multiple docker-apps you can simply create a list:

docker_apps = "shellhttpd, x-kiosk"

Which will enable shellhttpd and x-kiosk.

Your next OTA update will include docker-apps. However, you can force the current update to include docker-apps by running the following:

# stop aktualizr-lite
sudo systemctl stop aktualizr-lite
# run a manual update
sudo aktualizr-lite update
# start aktualizr-lite
sudo systemctl start aktualizr-lite