Getting Started

To get started using the FoundriesFactory please follow the steps below:

Create an account

Visit and you can create an account with our system or use your existing Github or Google account.

Verify your email address

When you create an account, an automated email is sent to you to verify your email. Follow the link in the email to verify your account.

Set your name for your profile

This is an optional step, but will help us identify your account quickly if you require support.

Login to

In the upper right corner, select Preferences & Settings.

Settings pulldown menu

Settings pulldown menu

From the left menu, select Profile.

Enter your name, and select Save Profile

Create your factory

From the navigation bar, select Factories.

Factories Page

Select the Create Factory button.

Create a factory

Enter a name for the factory, contact email, and brief description.

Factory Details

Then select the Create Factory button.

You have now created a factory, however to enable this factory, you must purchase a subscription.

Purchase a factory subscription

You will now see a factory has been created.

Factory Information

Select the i icon to view information about your factory.

Select the Billing tab.

Add a Billing Account

Factory Account

Enter your payment details, and select Add Account

Select the Subscriptions tab

Factory Subscriptions

Select Add Subscription

Choose the Personal or Enterprise subscription.

Factory Subscription

Refer to for details about each subscription.

Select Add Subscription to enable your factory.

Factory Generation

It will take a few minutes for your factory to be created. You will receive an email when it is ready for use. Please follow the rest of this guide once you have an operational factory.

Generate an access token

In the upper right corner, select Preferences & Settings.

Settings pulldown menu

Settings pulldown menu

From the left menu, select Tokens.

Tokens link

Link to access tokens

Select Create New Token.

Give the token a name and select Create.

Create token dialog

Create token dialog

On your host, create a file named .netrc (note the leading .) in your home directory, readable only by your user, with the following contents:

login <your access token>

Viewing Builds

Click the Builds icon the upper navigation bar to view your factory builds.

Builds icon

Link for CI builds

This view will display the public Linux microPlatform builds, along with any continuous integration jobs defined in your factory.


The continuous integration jobs in your factory are private to you and your organization.

Find your factory build, it will be <myfactory>/lmp. Select it.

CI Projects list

Click on the default raspberrypi3-64 build and download the lmp-factory-image-raspberrypi3-64.wic.gz artifact.

Install your factory build

Now follow the instructions in Install Linux microPlatform to install your factory build on a microSD card.

Insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi 3, connect Ethernet and apply power.